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Volunteer Interpreter Division

We guide tourists from foreign countries around historic spots of Sawara (free of charge). We share the joy of discovering the nostalgic atmosphere about Sawara with foreigners by walking, boat-riding, visiting cafes & restaurants and shopping.
We hold the English conversation classes as we call "Living English in Katori" for the citizens of Katori City. There are 4 or 5 lessons in a year, and each lesson is given by a native speaker of English. We are very much delighted to see more and more people come to learn English conversation year by year.
Sawara Grand Festivals are held, twice a year, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the weekend of July when Friday first fall on two digit day and Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the second weekend of October. During these festival days, we volunteer to help the foreigners enjoy the Sawara Grand Festival, doing research for tourism by means of questionnaires.
In addition, we will do all possible assistance to the requests from local activity groups: watching work to traffic-free zone during iris-flower festivals in June and sales assistance to Bon Festival promoted by Okamisan-kai (shopkeeper's wives association) and others.
We translate shop brochures and restaurant menus into English. We also publish tourist leaflets in English version, which can be renewed every year, and distribute them to the reception desks at Narita Airport and some hotels in Narita City.


Living English in Katori 観光客を英会話でおもてなし


Living English in Katori 観光客を英会話でおもてなし


日時 場所 テーマ
第1回 5月20日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Kabuki conversation
第2回 6月17日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Spa conversation
第3回 7月15日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Festival conversation
第4回 8月19日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Tea ceremony conversation
第5回 9月16日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Calligraphy conversation
第6回 10月21日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 The art of flower arrangement conversation
第7回 11月18日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Sumo conversation
第8回 12月16日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Noh play conversation
第9回 1月20日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 Comics as a Japanese
subculture conversation
第10回 2月17日(水曜日)
佐原町並み交流館 第1~9回の総まとめ

Living English in Katori 観光客を英会話でおもてなし