KIFA Katori International Friendship Association
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General Affairs & Study Division

The main clerical part of work leans to City's Branch of the Civic Activities Facilitation: the acceptance of foreign tourists with assistance of interpretation service, the acceptance and registering of volunteers, the summons of the regular general meeting and other junior meetings.
The activities by the volunteering members include the exchanging of the other organizations of neighboring cities, the issuing of the newsletters and sightseeing brochures in English version and the practice of the training activities.
The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Tokyo in 5 years. We will be asked to take part in the varying training activities. Being ready for the call from authorities of Chiba Prefecture, we should train new members.



令和4年度 定期総会資料(PDF)



Celebrating KIFA's 15th Anniversary

Kiuchi, the chair of KIFA, giving a speech at the ceremony			Arai, the chair of the General Affairs and Training Sub-committee, recounting KIFA's progress during the past five years. 式典で挨拶をする木内会長,10周年後の5年間の歩みを語る新井総務研修部会長

This year, Katori International Friendship Association welcomes its 15th year since its establishment. On December 6th, 33 related people attended the anniversary ceremony at Chiyofuku in Sawara. Beginning with Chairman Kiuchi's speech, whose theme was "Let's look abroad", Congressman Yatagawa's and Mayor Ui's congratulatory address was filled with high expectations for KIFA, as their efforts will become increasingly important in the focus to attract oversea visitors during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Tayama Kazuo, the chair of Katori City Council and an honorary guest of this ceremony, also gave some words of congratulations. In commemoration of KIFA's 15th anniversary, Arai, the chair of General Affairs and Training Sub-committee, distributed KIFA NEWS VOL. 18, the 15th anniversary special edition that summarizes the impact of KIFA's activities, to the attendees.
Group photo 席者の皆さん